[Art expresses my fascination for life. Form, light and color paint the canvas of emotions.]

David Rhodes Hawkins

Born in Boston/USA, I have lived and worked in Germany for over 35 years. Until 2009 I focused my professional activity on marketing/communication with one of the leading German financial institutions in North-Rhine-Westphalia. Being an artist all my life, I officially became a free-lance artist in 1996.

My ancestors in America were important engineers and builders of iron-bridges in New England. I feel this kinship and concentrate on the portrayal of bridge-scenery in my new series.

I live and work in Meerbusch/North-Rhine-Westphalia. My search for suitable motives sends me on trips around the world. However, working on subjects from my chosen home - the German Rhineland - is very close to my heart.

The Vivid Design of Moving Moments

In 2014 I started work on a completely new art technique, which is a synthesis of two art forms. I call my new technique "SINN-THESEN" (Worlds of synthesis). Through the combination of photography, creative painting and a final finishing, I portray special moments coming to life.

Photography delivers the motive: a unique moment ex­trac­ted out of the world of human beings and nature. However, the photo itself is not a finished product for me, but requires further perfection through color, brush and stroke. The next step: I use the art of painting to bring the photo to life. Colorful design and emotional expression flow into the painting. The final refinement with transparent synthetic resin preserves the artwork and creates new light effects. The result is vivid, realistic and fantastic at the same time. The colors glow from within.

Each selected motive is based on numerous journeys, countless bridge photos and a long selection process. At least 30 to 50 hours of pure painting flow into each artwork. At the end of this process stands a new work of art: unique in its creation, diverse in its expression.

Bridges - Places of Encounter

Bridges fascinate me. Created by man's own hand, bridges surpass the so far insurmountable. Bridges are based on solid banks and expand across difficult terrain. Unique and solitary, bridges are made of wood, iron, steel and stone. Bridges are places of encounter. Bridges are beautiful.

My ancestors built iron bridges with passion - with the same passion I paint them.


Old stone Bridge across the Ohm
80 x 50 cm


Queen Emma Bridge
80 x 50 cm


Hohenzollern Bridge
100 x 66 cm


Yangon Harbor Jetty
100 x 66 cm


Hammer Bridge
120 x 66 cm


Rheinknie Bridge
120 x 66 cm


Old Lahn Bridge
120 x 67 cm


Poggenmühlen Bridge
110 x 97 cm

New York City

Manhattan Bridge
90 x 135 cm

New York City

Brooklyn Bridge
110 x 97 cm


Uerdinger Bridge
100 x 66 cm


Salmon Bay Bridge
100 x 65 cm


Wuppertal Völklinger Street
110 x 65 cm


Kirchenfeld Bridge
100 x 75 cm

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What's new?

It is my great pleasure to exhibit a selection of my newest paintings at the 31st KunstTage Rhein-Erft in Brauweiler Abbey, Pulheim (near Cologne) on 14 and 15 September 2019.
I look forward to seeing you at this wonderful location. The exact space for my paintings will be notified shortly.

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